Flight Threats App

FLIGHT THREATS© ("FT")© is a situational awareness improvement tool for pilots. It will help you make an organized mental model of your flight before you takeoff.  You will go through the main aspects of your flight, review the possible expected threats, and think and develop appropriate safety actions.  FT has been designed by a current airline captain with the goal of improving pilot’s situational awareness in a simple, easy, practical, and organized manner to contribute to the safety and management of flights.  Most, if not all, of the aspects included in FT are factors that most pilots have in their minds and consider before or during a flight.  The idea behind FLIGHT THREATS is to go through them in a methodical, conscious, and repetitive way so those factors are already in the pilot’s mind before each flight.

FT can be used by pilots of all kinds. From a student pilot making his first flights to a veteran airline captain flying heavy jets.